How To View Recent Work Orders

This article explains how to view recent work orders created with Work Order Snap. Work Order Snap helps you create and manage work orders, and is a Google Chrome extension. You can add Work Order Snap to your web browser from the Google Web Store.

How view recent work orders:

The recent work order list screen in Work Order Snap is where all the work orders you have recently created will be shown. The work orders usually have a name like “Work Order (NUMBER) (DATE)”, so an example would be:
Work Order 2267 2019-10-31
Since each work order has the date created in its name, this makes it easy to see which work order was most recently created.

You can view recent work orders by either of two ways. One way is to start Work Order Snap, which you will be taken directly to the recent work order screen. The second way is to click the “List” button if you are in the default work order settings screen. We explain each way below.

Option 1: Start Work Order Snap

Click the Work Order Snap icon in the upper right of your Chrome web browser after you have installed the app.

work order snap start up

When you start work order snap, you will be taken to the work order list page where your recent work orders are listed.


From here, you can open and view existing work orders you have already created. You can also delete or remove work orders you no longer need.

The work orders actually exist in your Google Drive. This is why you have to login and grant permissions for Work Order Snap to access your Google Drive. Work Order Snap creates a single folder (called “Work Order Snap“) in your Google Drive and saves all work orders you create to this folder. You are safe knowing that Work Order Snap cannot see or modify any other files or folders in your Google Drive. The “Work Order Snap” folder is the only folder Work Order Snap uses.

Manage Your Work Order Process

Work Order Snap is the easiest way to create, save, and manage work orders for your business:
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Option 2: Click the List Work Order Button

You can also view your recent work orders by clicking the left “List” button in Work Order Snap:

work order snap click list work order button

If you are in another part of the application, such the settings area or while viewing a work order you already created, you can go to your work order list by pressing the “List” button on the left of the screen.

This will list your recent work orders you have created.

If you create and save a new work order, you will be taken to the work order list screen. Your new work order will be shown at the top. See the page: How to Create And Save a New Work Order for more information on creating work orders and saving them online.

If you delete a work order, the work order will be removed, and the list screen will reload. Your recently deleted work order will no longer be in the list. See the page: How to Remove or Delete a Work Order for more information on deleting work orders.

Summary: View Recent Work Orders

In this article, we explained how to view recent work orders with Work Order Snap. If you have any questions on how to view your recent work orders, please contact us. If you have ideas on how Work Order Snap could work better for you, we would like to hear them.

View Recent Work Orders

Work Order Snap is the easiest way to view recent work orders for your business:
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